Truly handcrafted diamond jewelry

A diamond from Diamonds Inc is selected for its impeccable quality and character. Completely free from any visible inclusions, each diamond is meticulously cut to reveal its innate brilliance and radiant fire. The precision of a diamond’s cut is what will determine its final size, shape and facets, which all combine to enhance a diamond’s overall beauty. In a well-cut diamond, the facets are subtly angled, symmetrical and balanced, ensuring that light refracts through the diamond in a manner that will optimize and enhance its overall sparkle. Equally important is creating an appealing and balanced shape, where the overall surface of the stone is as intriguing as its luminous, shifting depths.


Our 2019 womens collection is now on display.
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Our 2019 mens collection is now on display.
Stop by anytime or call for a private appointment.

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Completely custom concepts, designs, and
solutions from your creativity or ours.

What our clients say

  • David Johnstone
    a week ago

    Treves are the best: from sourcing my wife’s engagement ring diamond to finalizing both our wedding bands, we loved working with them!

  • Brittany Gaston
    3 months ago

    My mom got her ring here and then helped my fiancé design mine and get it made here. I just can’t even begin to describe how perfect the ring came out.

  • Lacey Borgen
    5 months ago

    They made me my dream engagement ring and wedding band for a very reasonable price! They were patient, kind and so helpful throughout the whole process as well as after.

  • Hailey Young
    4 months ago

    This family operated business was so welcoming and it was obvious they were genuinely interested in working with me to make sure i was happy with the design.

  • Ariell DeSure
    10 months ago

    Treves designed a gorgeous engagement ring for my fiancé and I. He is truly a master jeweler and takes great pride in his work!

  • Dan Vy Le
    11 months ago

    Treves made the most perfect engagement ring set for my wife and me! They were patient, friendly, great listeners and knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile to make sure our rings turned out perfectly.

  • Rumeet Waraich
    10 months ago

    Wonderful service! Everyone here has a genuine heart and wants to guide you in the right direction.

  • Chad Shelley
    5 months ago

    Best owner ever!


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